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About Us

Southern Shores, located west of the Ashley River, originally began as one of many small brokerages that populated the state during the real estate boom of the early 21st century. Named after the pristine waters that border the Southeast, Southern Shores has since become a full-service real estate company in the truest sense, offering services and management solutions that span the entire Real Estate Life CycleTM.

Southern Shores is comprised of six divisions including residential, acquisition and commercial brokerage, property management, homeowner association & community management, vacation rentals, cleaning & custodial services, and construction & maintenance. Our clients can purchase, rent, or build a home or request maintenance, repair or cleaning services – all through the team at Southern Shores.


Real Estate

Southern Shores Real Estate Group, LLC, offers services in traditional and commercial real estate as well as real estate acquisition, which is the backbone of our business. In addition, our Broker-In-Charge is a Certified Distressed Property Expert. Our team of licensed real estate professionals is also a member the Charleston Trident Association of Realtors, which enables us to practice and hone our real estate expertise on a daily basis and receive education annually. Because of our central location, our experience listing properties extends into all areas of Charleston, building comprehensive knowledge of the market.


HOA and Community Management

The primary mission of the Southern Shores Regime Management Group, LLC, is to “build” better communities. Our objective is to enhance and manage the value of the homes within our communities by providing professional management services, implementing tailored administrative systems, and communicating proactively with members of neighborhood associations and its residents.


Property Management

Southern Shores Property Management Group, LLC, manages over a thousand properties through our property management and regime management divisions. Properties managed by Southern Shores outperform local competitors time and time again, with qualified tenants, higher rents, consistently superior tenant and owner satisfaction ratings and high retention rates.


Vacation Rental Management

Southern Shores Vacation Rental Group, LLC, offers a highly competitive vacation rental package for homeowners in the Charleston area. We provide the highest level of service and the latest innovations in advertising to keep your rental at the highest level occupancy rate possible. Our team works proactively to manage your property by forecasting market trends, seasonality, and monitoring owner expenditures­—all of which can affect the overall revenue generated by the rental of your property. We utilize streamlined systems for effective and efficient reservations, guest relations, services and accounting.


Maintenance and Construction Services

At Southern Shores, we have an in-house licensed residential builder, allowing us to serve and assist our clients with all of their building and renovation project needs. Recognizing the need for maintenance repairs by our property management owners, Southern Shores also offers services through the Southern Shores Maintenance and Services Group, LLC. Because this division (along with our cleaning division) is in-house, it enables us to provide highly competitive pricing and unparalleled quality control for properties requiring repair, maintenance or major construction.


Cleaning and Custodial Services

As part of our mission to serve the entire Real Estate Life CycleTM, Southern Shores provides cleaning services to our client base through Southern Shores Cleaning & Custodial Group, LLC. Many of our clients own multiple properties in the Charleston area and have come to rely on our quick turnaround, property inspections and expert capabilities.